We are a pretty typical American family.  My husband and I met in the late 1990’s when we were living in Mexico City, MX.  We both shared the the love of traveling.  Once we got married and had children, at first we were intimidated about traveling with our kids.  However, once they were old enough to roll their own bags, we decided that it was time to hit the road!

Not every trip we take is exotic…in fact, most aren’t.  The fun of taking a trip is the experience of being somewhere you can appreciate and learn from.  We think the best education we can provide for our kids is experience.  We aren’t gazillionaires…we have jobs, a mortgage and the kids go to public school.  This isn’t our full-time gig, and we are blessed to have wonderful lives at home.   But, taking a trip, for the day or for the week, is what fuels us when day-to-day things get a tad on the monotonous side. 🙂

We decided to start this blog about our adventures, past, present and future. The biggest reason was to record the good times for our own memories. But more and more, it has become a way to share our fun, lessons learned and advice with friends and invite others to share with us.

You can follow us on this blog and you can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @thefuntrips.  Thanks for visiting!

FullSizeRender (1)
Skiing in Montana at the end of 2015.

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