Montana Reflection #4 – Food!

So this be a fairly short blog because we literally ate at three places on our ski trip:  Mama Macs in Four Corners (Bozeman), Scissorbills Saloon at the Big Sky Resort and M.R. Hummers at the Mountain Mall (also at the Resort). Basically, if we like a place, we keep going back!

Mama Macs is an adorable stop at Four Corners on Hwy 191 on the way to Big Sky from Bozeman.  We stopped because it had good Yelp reviews (to which we added) and it seemed local and cozy. We loved it so much, we went there on the way back to Bozeman as well.  They had such delicious sandwiches!  My husband had the Pastrami on Rye which he enjoyed.  I had the TAB (Turkey, Avocado and Bacon…see picture) which was filled with veggies.  One daughter had the grilled cheese on sourdough with cheese so thick she could barely finish.  The other daughter had a hamburger which she declared to be one of the best ever (and she is a hamburger connoisseur).  All of the bread is homemade!  So, that fact alone makes this worth a visit!  Check it out!

The TAB with the veggies of my choice! Yum!

Our first night in Big Sky we went to Scissorbills Saloon.  Basically, this is a bar, not a restaurant.  And it while it acts like it wants to be a restaurant, it really doesn’t.  The food was fine, but there was only one server for the whole place, so the service was rough.  If you are looking to grab a beer and eat some nachos after skiing, this is your place.  Otherwise, try M.R. Hummers.

So our favorite resort eats were from M.R. Hummers (M.R. stands for Moose River).  We discovered this place on the first day when we were literally frozen from a morning of skiing.  They sat us efficiently and served us cocoa in moments.  They give all the tables a pitcher of water to start off because they know that skiers get thirsty!  They have a full bar with lots of good selections too.  My kids ate hamburgers and chicken fingers which weren’t glamorous but super satisfying. They were sold out of the mac-n-chesse loaf both days, much to my younger daughter’s dismay.  For lunch both days I had soup that was delish (and not from a can).  For dinner, my husband had the filet and I had the roast chicken, both of which were great!  The service was so friendly and they started seating us at “our table” by the second day.  Go visit them and get the hot cocoa!


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